Friday, January 9, 2015


God came to me in a dream. He came through the dust and fog; He spoke like thunder in the climax of the storm. "Only Fools Believe In Me," he said, "go therefore and avoid the lot of fools!" 

This profound spiritual encounter has altered the course of my life. God is against man's belief, surely this must be the case; for He that is all powerful; He that is all wise does not believe in the belief of man toward that which He is. God mocks the man who believes because He is wise. But there are men who will persist beyond this revelation; for they insist that they know God; but God is not that which is believed; for that which is believed is not God. For God is beyond belief; how then can one believe in God? 

Behold! Non-belief is belief in God. Those who truly worship God do not believe in God because God is not a thing to be believed.

The wise man does not mention God; his life is void of God, and therefore does he practice belief in God. He that does not believe is the greatest believer. They that speak of God are hypocrites and phonies; they that believe in God know nothing of God; for it is only those who do not believe which practice belief in God. It is only the godless who are therefore godly.      

For even God knows that only fools believe in God.