Thursday, August 21, 2014


"That “religion is a private affair“ only compels us to be neutral and not to take part in religious questions, when these only refer to intimate convictions and to the conscience." Rosa Luxemburg 

Religion is in a state of retreat; we have literally mopped-up the apologists; all the disciples flee to solitude. Not only is it hard to find an opponent to debate, but as time goes on, we find more and more reasons not to waste our time with such debate, what we might call, a sophistical frolic of words.  (And this is not because we have lost the exchange, but because we hold the higher ground; we have literally gained the upper-hand). The only thing the contemporary theist knows how to do is posture

It is now possible to refute theism by common sense. The analytical theist's fought ever so hard to avoid this conclusion, but no one was listening, no one cares for the absurdity of their pedantic ways. It would seem their analytical games are only good for elite scholars!

I cheer as the sheep run to their caves; such panic, such insecurity signifies the beginning of a new era. The church is going away, nay,  it has already lost its influence. Every day the archaic foot-hold of superstition recedes. The religious view is not merely eccentric; not merely something society tolerates from the platform of enlightenment (though this is true), but something that is irrelevant to existence. Everyday we do without it, by god our whole lives we have been without it! The only person the theist can find, as a candidate to indoctrinate, are men and women of despair. It feeds on the terror men feel at the prospect of being alive; at not having some kind of mystical, metaphysical certainty. 

Religion claims to speak for the conscience, to stand for morality, but this is no different from the time religion claimed to speak for the universe. To mock the religious believer has now become a legitimate form of refutation... what we are saying is that such tactics actually work, they have a pragmatic value. (Even twenty years ago this was not the case, but things have changed, my how they have changed!, the church has retreated to the shadows). Her scholars are afraid to discourse because they know the outcome of their thesis. The exchange is a total loss. What is left is mere formality; the church claims the to be the perfect sage of piety, to guide man's way, but make no mistake, this was not by choice! Her original song was that of truth, she was the mother of authority, but now she is the broken harlot that hides in the cliffs from the terror of the strong wind. She is ashamed of her own shadow.  

The future of religion is religion as preference; religion as a man's subjective taste. But this is altogether destructive to the ontology of religion itself. It can no longer claim to speak in the name of God; it can no longer put forth the omniscient-view, it has lost its hold on truth, nay, it has lost its hold on man (it never had the truth)!  And now it must compete as a kind of eccentric and outdated aesthetic (which we confidently surmise, will only lead to its further demise). 

The honest man knows that it is not the ideas of religion that make him happy, but his joy has its origin in the experiences of life, not phantoms or groundless, authoritarian ideals. The wise man makes the most of the life he has, he does not waste his life living for the error of another.  

I honestly wonder if there are any apologists left? What more does theism have to say? The evolving mass of mankind has grown weary of this ancient superstition, we are made nauseous by this psychology. It hurts one's head to play such needless games with such serious disciples (most specifically when the subject warrants jest)... but there is still an irony here... whenever we actually play with these contorted theist, they have no choice but to fall-back in full retreat. They have nothing to say; their noble dialectic has been shattered! The caves are occupied; the great defenders are nowhere to be found. Very slowly, but very surely the church retreats from the watching world. If a man would hear about God he must now go to the darkest cave.