Thursday, February 13, 2014


Muslim: Mr. Flight you think you're so smart, but you can't explain where the world came from or why its here, but the Koran explains it perfectly.

Flight: Oh dear, oh dear, I perceive this is very serious. Let me ask you a question, is it possible your belief is wrong? Is it possible that the Koran is not a book from God?

Muslim: Of course not. The Koran is the only book from God. It clearly states that all other books are false. The Koran is Allah's final and complete revelation to man.

Flight: Oh dear, oh dear, I perceive this is very serious. I thought the Protestant Canon was the only true revelation from God? Wait... maybe I have it wrong... I meant to say, the book of Mormon.

Muslim: All of those books are false, even the Koran says it; it brings up the error of the bible and explains that it was simply made by men. But this was not the case with the Koran. I would have you know sir, the Koran was written by an illiterate man.

I am very impressed.

Muslim: So tell me why we're here? Where did life come from? Can something come from nothing?

Flight: Oh dear, I can answer your questions, but I can't answer them with absolute certainty.

Muslim: Then this proves that the Koran is true because it can explain these questions, even as it is the only absolute certainty. You have nothing. How do you explain objective morality?

Flight: Oh dear, oh dear, I perceive you are correct. The universe has to be the work of Allah; without Him objective moral values could not exist. But is there anything that could change your mind?

Muslim: No, I'm firm in my faith, you could never refute my belief. 

Flight: Oh dear, oh dear. But how can a belief without falsification have any value? How do you know your belief is true?

Muslim: I don't have time for your petty philosophy games. If you don't submit to the will of Allah before you die you will go to hell. You risk everything and I risk nothing!

Flight: Oh dear, oh dear, this is scary indeed. But what more can I say; if it's not possible for your belief to be false, then we are not even having a dialogue, because no matter what I say (or can prove--- even if I proved your belief was wrong) you would still believe it!

Muslim: If you don't believe you will one day pay the price. You are a very arrogant man. I feel sorry for you.

Flight: Well my passionate friend, so full of invincible conviction, which is of course, the greatest virtue in the universe... I am an honest man, and as such, must have some kind of warrant associated with my belief. If your God would punish me for being honest (because I could not believe), then I can only wonder what kind of God he truly is?

Muslim: He is the only God and He is merciful, which is why He is giving you a chance to believe. And when you say you're honest I perceive you're a liar. If you were honest you would believe in Allah. Your intelligence is very small. You're not honest, you're wicked and arrogant. You don't like the ways of Allah because you're evil and you love your evil. One day you will be broken, I only hope by that time it is not too late.

Flight: Oh dear, it is most unpleasant to hear these things about myself. I have much thinking to do...