Tuesday, February 4, 2014

The Fate of Analytical Philosophy-- Jersey Flight

God (who is always a reliable source of information) tells me the days of Analytical Philosophy are numbered. For we cannot deduce its longevity from antiquity... as it is, low and behold, a language for the elite; we are speaking of equations that have little or nothing to do with wisdom. One has been occupied with the precepts of grammar. It seems the real work can begin only when one has stepped out of the paradigm of linguistic computation. One must begin to create as opposed to argue the infinite thing.  

Of course, this is not to say that such a method is without utility. It has its place in the critique of metaphysics. But this is merely to dispel the ghosts of antiquity.   

What blossoms in the eye today will be the refuse of tomorrow. We can ask the question as to whether or not there is progress on the basis of this tedious thing? Is there not an air of dishonesty associated with the question? But rationalism is not the enemy (for she can never be the enemy so long as men would be the enemy of reason).

We have here a precept [one is not doing philosophy] one is chasing the precept; one follows the line into insignificance [we can ask the question why the question itself even matters, which is a question as to the nature of the question, which is a question regarding the ontology of the question itself]; follows it merely because they can see it, because it is good sport to play sophistical games.

What will be the longevity of this motion? Is such a sport the praise of mankind? Can it really be the salvation of culture? Is it not rather, a futile burden on the shoulder's of men, a kind of academic distraction? We say the thinker will grow tired of this procedure. One man breaks stones while the other analyzes the pieces (which is an analogy of methodology). But such men will eventually choke on the dust of their concentration, which is an emphasis of the precept.

If there is a future to the analytical line it means the transference of philosophy into that of science [thought subverted into a kind of mathematics]... but if hypothesis proceeds theory then what can be the substitute for inventive speculation?