Monday, November 10, 2014


Can there come any challenge from theism? Is theism not finally manifest for what it truly is/ an existential waste of time? There is no tragedy here, but only the greatest liberation! What is the challenge of theism, and from whom will this challenge come? Is there anything left of theism?

So long ago theism presumed to speak in the world, but it was confronted by an insurmountable problem: what did it have to say? The theist does best when he is silent, but when he is silent he soon finds that he is condemned to silence. The motions of life have nothing to do with theism (it is purely the insinuation of theism, that theism is in any way applicable to life). There is no need to confront this sphere. We have moved beyond this stupidity. 

Let us dare the scholars of theism... let us dare these emotional wranglers (which is another word for theologian) to challenge us where we stand. Can they move us? Can they in any way make contact with the vitality and urgency of life? Nonsense! Such men speak of fables. (Their entire corpus is the challenge of whether or not they can get other men to entertain their fables in the context of life). Be gone with these petty troublers of the mind; for we have better questions to pursue.