Saturday, August 16, 2014


Is capitalism compatible with atheism? The question should be, 'how can capitalism be compatible with Atheism?'

An Atheistic view of the world is a materialist view of the world, and this means the conditions of society find their root in the material.

If Atheism is, in any sense, a Humanistic philosophy, then it must equally think in terms of Humanity. An Atheist eschatology is very distinct from a theistic one, that is to say, we know we must rely on ourselves to create a better world because there is no after-world; there is no God to make the world better for us.

Is our goal to live together in harmony? Is our goal to thrive as a species, then how in gods name, could we not be concerned with social theory?

There is a major weakness in Atheism/ which is the Atheist's obsession with the outdated, irrelevant propositions of theism. One cannot live in the negative (as the negative) without also wasting one's life. Fuck A-theism... where is the positive philosophy of Humanism? Where is the Atheist vision of society? Little minds say this is not important... but what are they doing aside from playing sophistical, theistic games? How much power these little, insecure minds feel when they respond, when they refute the ignorant theist! The Atheist is addicted to the act of crushing the theist, but is his sense of self so small that he needs such a petty and simple victory in order to feel that his life is fulfilled? 

One must get to the point in Atheism where they grow past Atheism; where they are no longer merely responding to theists! Atheism is that which must be transcended! If not one will forever remain in the grip of theism, which is to say, theism will determine the nature of our discourse in that we will forever be the refuters of theism.  

Our duty is to change the world, to impact the world, to strive towards the creation of a better world, and for this, whether we like it or not, we are forced in the direction of economics and social theory.  

The stage after Atheism must be the study of a good society from the basis of materialism.

"The philosophers have only interpreted the world in various ways; the point is to change it." Marx, Theses on Feuerbach, 11, 1938 translation of Marx’s original. 


I say this because I care; because I want my fellow Atheists to be informed, to storm the world with beauty and intelligence; to strive for a comprehensive future and not just a negative critique of superstition.

(I change all the time because I am constantly learning, and nothing assists in this process more than other people). The people we meet (can) have a very profound impact on our life. My favorite thing is meeting new people, and not just meeting new people, but making new friends, true friends!

Some time back I had the privilege of coming into contact with a very learned individual. He was an autodidact (self education person, much like myself). We got around to speaking on the phone; we talked about everything from Deconstruction to Deconversion... but the really important thing is that he inspired my focus toward social theory. [Now at first this might not seem very profound, altogether insignificant, but allow me to give you the context.]

He did a series of lectures on Atheism and Humanism; there was one line that struck me with a certain kind of force: "the failure of Atheism is that it does not have a grasp or consciousness of social theory, and this will limit its place and effectiveness in the world." I realized that this was true. We cannot hope to change society if we have not thought about what it takes to make a good society. It will not be enough to merely critique theism; Humanism has a positive connotation and seeks to move in (or at least it should) a practical direction!

Since that time my friends, I have not simply been concerned with the negative critique of theism, but even more importantly, with the positive attributes of society. If we are thinkers; if we believe in harmony, unity and peace, enlightenment, how can it be any other way?

A full and robust Atheism must be more than a critique of theism; it must reach toward the goals of Humanism in trying to create a good society. And we, above the failure and hatred of all the world's religions, are just the people to do it!

humbly yours,
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