Saturday, June 29, 2013


Academic philosophy... what is the value of academic philosophy? I did hear that such papers are good for wiping one's bottom. Of course, in a sense all philosophy is academic (and) all philosophy is popular. Now as to this idea of public/ and private/ academic, doctrinaire language--- is this of great value? The problem is not that too many philosophers are playing games, but that too many philosophers are playing games which are entirely unnecessary, totally disconnected. What after all is the grand-point? It seems the academic philosopher feels himself superior for having comprehended a sophisticated equation (although the hilarity of the thing is that the equation itself is rather redundant), (more like an eccentric side-issue, or a fit of mathematical passion)... where are the philosophers with the courage to speak from the earth? Not more games, but to proceed as though one's very existence were at stake? We have become too separate from the question!

It is all to easy to discourse on pain while one is in good health, but I want the philosopher who has been sick a long time and desperately seeks a cure! A man who needs the answer as much as he is driven to ask the question! For this is my idea of a philosopher as he that speaks from the earth.