Tuesday, June 18, 2013


What happens if a theist fights back (not if he should win the affirmation of his eccentricities) but simply if he fights back? In this respect the psychology of man is weak--- we are all too quick to claim victory; we are all too quick to claim defeat.

Theism died out in accord with the advance of Logical Positivism, and in our time, it has been rejuvenated, resurrected by the semantics of Linguistic Philosophy, analytical dialectics! Is this not obscene? Theism merely offers an equation and the world claims it has been resurrected! There is no examination of the details... one merely takes note of the fact that the syllogism seems (appears by every conceivable account of the surface) complicated; one merely takes note of the fact that it exists! But truth be known; men are stupid! We see a marvelous looking equation; we see the magician fight back to the tune that his magic is real (which is really nothing more than a show of confidence) and by this the world proclaims him a champion! Theism is suddenly considered a contender? But on what grounds? 
Theism is not really making progress, but what it is doing is dabbling in the power of appearance. What is theism after all if not the longest line of rhetoric ever presented to man--- to ever assault man! And men are weak; we feel pity for theism, and as such, we search desperately to affirm the claims of theism (we are hoping to find a reason to give theism the benefit of the doubt). Theism is after all, a healthy moral system--- isn’t this the most ingenious insinuation toward the sentimental reign of theism? “But we need it.” “It poses no threat.” Or in the worse case---- it is good for man! We feel sorry for theism! But why, when it has so subtly robbed us of life? No man lives in line with his theism--- existence is not theistic! Show me a theistic man and I will show you an agitated Naturalist!

The weakness in favor of theism is the weakness of a mind taken in by appearance. We praise theistic philosophers? [Again, this is only because of appearance.] Theism has made a great show; but the time of appearance is over in that we have discovered the secret of theism in the appearance of theism--- by god we must tell men that the solidity of theism is only an appearance!!! Those who praise the appearance have been mastered by those who create the appearance... But greater men are interested in the substance; what stands behind all this fancy theater, behind these disjointed and disconnected lines? Men have been bold and serious; they have been outright passionate, and because we are weak we have taken this bold-seriousness, this outlandish-passion, as evidence that theistic belief is true. Theism is true because the proponent of theism is serious; because he proclaims the death of meaning in its absence--- and if this fails--- theism is true because it puts forth the appearance of solidity! Indeed, how can it be denied; for these two reasons alone theism must not only be true, but irrefutable as well! [One could never speak more bitingly.] The man who still believes in the power of theism manifests that he is left over from an earlier time; the way he thinks is tragically outdated. It is not that the New Man is coming, but that he is already here!