Friday, June 14, 2013


What is left of theism? Is theism a thriving force in the world? Has it not had to pacify itself in light of the motion of the earth; in light of the progress of reason and science? Surely this is to speak plainly? In how many ways has theism been humbled?  

Today's theist is holding on by a thread; he fails to understand his future; he cannot discern where his logic leads:

“What I claim for this argument [the ontological argument]... is that it establishes, not the truth of theism, but its rational acceptability.” Plantinga, The Ontological Argument, in Philosophy of Religion, edited by Louis P. Pojman, third edition pg.88

Since when has theism denied truth? Is this favorable to its claim of morality? By rational acceptability Plantinga means, rational for all those who accept the premise that the existence of a maximally great being is possible. But we have a better question: is it possible to establish the truth of theism at all? And what of the nature of this so-called rationality?

...rational for all those who accept the premise that the existence of a maximally great being is possible. Ibid.
This amounts to affirming assumptions, confirmation bias in the most particular direction. Theism can no longer distinguish as it would like; it is now forced to settle for the most generalized and vague concepts of deity in that it cannot defend specific deity. Theism has thrown up its hands in exhaustion... there is no good reason why the modern theist should choose Polytheism over Monotheism, Christianity over Islam. In this sense the nature of theism is that of personal preference (in modern theism subjectivity reigns supreme)! No ground has been obtained. Theistic philosophy is a linguistic smoke-screen; the most desperate of all theological games!

Is there truly any value left in the discourse of theism?

Let us hear the question again: what is the value of vague theism (seeing the value of theism has always been attached to specifics)?  

What is left of theism beyond the pretense of the game? Only more make believe; and mankind has grown tired of pretending that the Good Wizard lives behind the old tree. Life goes on in the total absence of his wizardry... and the most reasonable answer... is because there is no Wizard behind the tree!