Thursday, June 6, 2013


We wage war on the theological instinct; on the theological conception of life. Our aim must be the land beyond theology, the place no longer conditioned and informed by theology; our aim must be the unification of a world free from theology (for theology is the enemy of man in that theology is the enemy of life). We must chase the old spiders from their caves, we must draw them into the scientific and rational light, it is high time to expose the faulty reign of intellectual theism (as though theism were not the very opposite of all that is intellectual)! And let this line ring true: if a man will be wise he must not be a theologian!

As for those who would dismiss us as freerange radicals; is not every rooster that flies free from the hallowed den considered a radical? Is the den truly the best place to be when it is the feeding fortress of wolves? We are those who would no longer be cheated; we are those who will reclaim our children from the long line of destructive superstition (as though tradition were true by default of being tradition).  

We wage the most righteous and holy of all wars: the intellectual war for freedom; a war against the great ideological and psychological oppressor of mankind; against the despisers and destroyers of beauty; against those who constrain the earth’s most valued creators... 

We wage war against the ancient demon that men have called a God!  

[One must understand our rhetoric: that this is only the foundation; the very beginning of our axiom (for we have not yet begun to fight). What comes next is the contextual shattering of the great image! Let the faithful come forth; let them declare their holy teachers; let them proclaim the power of their masters; let them march behind their champions as behind invincible titans (arguments perceived as impenetrable stone)--- for we have no desire to fight neophytes! Bring forth your best! Bring forth your scholars; call your strongmen down from the mountain and they will be met on the field of battle... and as the dust flies from the earth so shall the theologian return from whence he came!]  

We demand your very best, so that once we have defeated, shattered your adamantine protectors, you cannot cry out--- “straw-man, straw-man!”