Thursday, December 19, 2013


Be very careful when someone tells you they have the absolute truth (most specifically if you think your problem is that you lack the absolute truth) because the danger is that you're very likely to believe what they say, and next thing you know, you're under the control of the man or woman who claims to have the answers. In religion you can look forward to a future of being told what to do (which is precisely where devotion leads).

The reason the world has so many problems is not because there is a lack of archaic religion, but because we are altogether too dogmatic! Religion is part of the problem, and as such, cannot be the solution!

What I have found is that most people reach for religion because they're too afraid to live with uncertainty [as though religion can really provide certainty??]... they reach for religion because they're desperate for some kind of power, and religion seems to offer them that power in the form of knowledge-assertions about themselves and the world. This is a quick, but superficial fix. It will not solve the real problem (which is the insecure and desperate self), and can make no contact with the true source of pain.

There are over 30,000 Christian denominations in the world and thousands upon thousands of different Gods, so let's be honest, what's the chance that your Church is the one true Church and your God the one true God? Right, all the other Churches and Gods are false, but you just happen to find the right one! And to think, what are the odds?

Be careful; I only say this because I care [not a stupid man here.] Religion will waste your life by wasting the greatest potential of yourself. I only say this because I care. There are better and more legitimate ways to obtain power; religion does not constitute a knowledge of the world, it constitutes a knowledge of an eccentric creed from one of many divergent sects. 

kindly yours,
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